The Battling Boy Magic T-Shirt Art Contest!!

First Second and Destroy Comics are organizing a fan art contest to celebrate the release of Paul Pope’s Battling Boy in October. This art contest centers around Battling Boy’s Magic T-Shirt and gives fans the chance to win a copy of Battling Boy among other prizes. Guidelines and prizes will be detailed below.

What is a magic t-shirt?

In Battling Boy, the titular character is given a dozen shirts. Each of these shirts boast a different animal totem. Related to the animal on the given shirt Battling Boy is wearing, he is endowed with the powers most associated to the animal totem. So, if Battling Boy chooses to wear a Tyrannosaurus Rex t-shirt, he’ll receive its strength as shown in the cover of the Dargaud edition of the book about.

What are the guidelines?

  1. Design your own animal totem  and utilize it in a drawing of Battling Boy; if you like snow leopards, design a snow leopard as a totem on his shirt! If you wish to take it further show off Battling Boy using a snow leopards balance in the illustration.
  2. Personalize it. If you want to play with gender, skin color or make a comic strip of Battling Boy using the animal totem, that is up to you. Do whatever you want, so long as the focus is on Battling Boy and his t-shirt.
  3. If you want to do multiple submissions, that is fine.
  4. Tag your piece #Battling Boy Shirt when you post it. I will begin reblogging these pieces in September.

What are the prizes?

There will be one winner and two runner-ups.

The winner will recieve a signed copy of Battling Boy, the poster, the t-rex print, shirt, and Haggard West one-shot.

 The runner-ups will each receive a signed copy of Battling Boy.

How will this be judged?

There will be a special judge who will pick the winner; This is pending approval and will be announced at the beginning of September.

I will choose the two runner-ups by either the amount of notes a submission gets or the quality of the submissions, or both. 

Winners will be selected and contacted in the latter part of September.

When is the deadline?

I will start reblogging the submissions starting September, so the deadline is at the end of August. However, I’m willing to be lenient, so long as participation is high, to late entries a week or two after posting begins

Fanart by David Zissou, Corey Lewis, and Katie Shanahan.

That’s it! Participate even if you aren’t an artist! Spread the word and have fun!

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